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Blattner Company Best Places To Work In Minnesota 2021 Employee Smiling

Building A Better Tomorrow At One of The Best Places to Work in Minnesota.

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It takes a lot of energy to fuel the ideas and innovations that are changing the world the way Blattner is – one renewable energy project at a time.  That collective power is generated by approximately 400 employees at our corporate headquarters in Avon, Minnesota, and another 3,500 dedicated employees working at our job sites across the U.S. It’s quite a team doing amazing work – so much so that the parent company, Blattner Company, was named one of the Best Places to Work by the Minneapolis St. Paul Journal in August 2021.  

The ranking is a testament to Blattner’s commitment to several key areas that drive the company to be an exceptional workplace:  

  • Culture 
  • Character 
  • Community 
  • Clean Energy 

Intrigued by a company with a global purpose and employees who are committed to a family-friendly, values-driven culture? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Blattner Company is growing and always seeking bright people to build a bright future. Visit our Careers page to see a list of immediate openings or keep reading to consider why now may be the perfect time to join the Blattner team. 

Energizing Environment 

So why do Blattner employees enjoy coming to work every morning? A positive, energetic work environment designed with collaboration and innovation in mindsets the tone. The corporate office itself has: 

  • A diverse selection of inspiring work and meeting areas from individual workstations and private cubbies to small huddle rooms, comfortable open conversation areas, plus a variety of conference rooms and auditoriums to accommodate groups of all sizes 
  • Abundant windows for natural light that invites the indoors in and inspires creativity and positive energy 
  • A virtual reality room where staff can experience focused instruction and VR experiences in a controlled environment 
  • State-of-the-art video and audio studio for creating training videos and the Blattner Brilliance podcast   
  • Digital screens to provide communication and promote engagement 
  • A controlled employee-only entrance for safety 
  • A convenient mini-mart and comfortable lounge-like break areas 

When you’re busy, brain breaks are a must. Some employees enjoy a quick yoga session at the on-site fitness facility. Others soak in a little sunshine on the company walking trail, and employee appreciation events and team outings are frequent. There’s fresh-brewed Starbucks on tap at every coffee station and free fruit for the picking in the breakrooms.  

Blattner values employees and prioritizes their safety, satisfaction and opportunity. Blattner’s mantra, “​​When our people are at their best, we are at our best,” rings true, and it shows.  

A Company with Staying Power

As thrilled as Blattner is whenever new talent joins the team, the ultimate win is when employees want to stay. We have an impressive track record in retaining team members, with hundreds of employees who have a tenure of 10 or more years with the company.  

The secret to keeping everyone on board is there is no secret. When people feel valued, safe and driven to aim to be their best, they shine – they stay. While benefits do depend on position and eligibility, there are some standard benefits in place that help too: 

  • 100% employer-paid health insurance 
  • Dental insurance 
  • Short- and long-term disability coverage 
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan with employer match 
  • Paid time off, including paid holidays 
  • Modern office space with ample natural light, surrounded by nature 
  • Culture program, including tickets to community events 
  • Meaningful community and charitable volunteer opportunities 
  • Years of Service recognition and rewards 

But it goes beyond benefits. Blattner believes that people thrive where they have autonomy and agency. With that in mind, we’ve flipped the organizational chart upside down. An open-door philosophy ensures that issues do not go unnoticed or unresolved. And by emphasizing supervisors in service to frontline employees, Blattner creates an environment where peer development and mentorship are organic and authentic. 

As for employees who value growth opportunities, there are plenty. Last year, the company presented 112 internal promotions. And with generous professional development and education assistance programs, Blattner is willing and eager to provide employees multiple avenues to advance or pivot their careers. 

Making the World a Better Place 

So we’re not exactly superheroes saving the world – or are we? One of the quickest and surest ways to be happy in one’s career is to connect with the company’s mission and its impact on the community and greater good and Blattner’s contribution to building renewable energy such as wind, solar, and energy storage offer stability, preservation, and hope for the future of our planet.

The work we do to provide infrastructure services to clients across the country has an immediate impact on those clients’ lives and the world around us. And that impact will last far into the future. Is there anything much more fulfilling than work that has a positive, immediate, and lasting effect on the planet?

At Blattner Company, we consider this a great privilege and responsibility. 

Start Your Blattner Journey

If you find yourself searching for a fresh start, click over to Blattner Company’s Careers page to see if there’s a place you see for yourself here. The Best Places to Work recognition is a testament to what we provide—a positive culture, unbeatable benefits, happy coworkers, and a fulfilling career.

Watch a short video  to see for yourself. Join Blattner Company and start making your own world better today.