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Women Powering Clean Energy: An Interview with Margie Salas

With a renewable energy workforce 8,000+ strong, Blattner is proud to be Leading America to a Clean Energy Future. We’re especially proud to celebrate the many women throughout our company who are making our purpose a reality – including Margie Salas, a Foreperson on one of our solar and storage projects near Taft, California. 

Margie joined the Blattner team in May 2023, bringing her experience in solar power, fire cleanup, trenching and machinery operation. "Everyone at Blattner is a team player,” said Margie. “If someone has something new or better to teach, it doesn’t matter who they are – everyone is ready to learn. Every woman who comes out here is treated the same [as the men].” 

As a problem-solving leader with a positive attitude, Margie appreciates Blattner’s can-do culture. “It’s a really different environment,” she noted. “We solve problems together. I love helping people and meeting new people from all over the world.  When I have a positive attitude, it helps others have a better day. 

Blattner’s company culture is shaped by our Blattner Values: leadership, a legacy of learning, personal fulfillment through corporate success and character. Every day, Margie looks for ways to invoke our values and improve as a leader, whether teaching someone a new skill or ensuring the best tools are used for the job. But, in the character of a true leader, Margie gives credit to her crew. 

“My crew makes sure they’re ready for today and the next day,” she said. “We're here to help each other and my experience [at this site] is just amazing... When there’s a problem, we all come up with solutions. I’m extremely proud of my crew and everyone here." 

Safety is paramount at Blattner and Margie discusses and demonstrates safety with her team consistently to keep safety top of mind.   

A big focus for Margie is her family. All three of her children – her daughter Amaya and sons Robert and Esiah – are working on this project with her.

Margie Salas 2

(Esiah, Amaya and Robert pictured here)

Margie enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren, traveling, and pursuing her passion for lowriding cars.   

To women who are considering a construction career, Margie advises, “Never give up. Be consistent and determined in this male-dominated field. Stay positive and strong minded. My experience has been amazing.”