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BreAnna Schleppenbach Supply Chain Intern Blattner

Supply Chain Internships Explore Importance Of Innovation In Economy.

Supply chain internships are a great way for college students to understand the teamwork, organization and problem-solving that go into these important careers.

Internship opportunities can help students choose a path within the supply chain realm to better understand in greater depth.

There is a strong interest in supply chain positions now more than ever. Blattner is building relationships with academic programs in Central Minnesota to help raise awareness of what’s going on with the global supply chain while also talking about internships within the company.

BreAnna Schleppenbach is a supply chain and planning intern at Blattner Company. She is a St. Cloud State University student majoring in operations management.

“Interning at Blattner has been an amazing experience, particularly having the opportunity to work in a supportive culture with amazing people,” Schleppenbach said. "From this internship, I've gained a lot of experience in the supply chain field, learning more details on the typical processes and procedures used. And, I've learned the importance of having clean data and effective ERP systems." 

Just like Schleppenbach said, one of the best parts about a supply chain internship is connecting with mentors and learning the job while building relationships with people who have a wide range of supply-chain specific experience.

And, if the internship is a successful one, potential career paths are opened for full-time jobs after graduation.

Researchers define “supply chain” industries as any industry that sells upstream to businesses and government entities. This excludes industries selling direct to consumer. MIT researchers studied the historical role that supply chain companies have played in the United States.

What those researchers found is that supply chain innovations usually have a trickle-down effect throughout the economy. These innovations go down from suppliers to the companies they supply and then to the consumer.

In that way, supply chain occupations can drive innovation. And the people in those have become some of the best job prospects in today’s economy.

Blattner has Oracle supply chain internships available. Oracle is a relational database management system that is designed for enterprise grid computing and data warehousing. 

To learn more about these opportunities, and other internships at Blattner, click here