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Electric Vehicles And Sustainability Take Super Bowl LVI Spotlight.

| Clean Energy


Electricity was in the air – and some of the hottest trending electric vehicles took the spotlight – during Super Bowl LVI’s super-charged commercial breaks.

What has become crystal clear is that car manufacturers are in the early throes of one of the biggest market-driven transitions since automobiles first hit the road.

Key auto moguls like General Motors, BMW, Kia and Nissan – just to name a few – are releasing an exciting collection of electric vehicle (EV) models. These manufacturers are addressing the challenges of fossil-fuel driven climate change and working to help build a more sustainable future and win the hearts of their environmentally conscious drivers through these high-style, zero-emissions vehicles.

Many factors are contributing to this eco-friendly move. The United States’ transportation sector is responsible for a whopping 29 percent of the country’s carbon emissions. And, to meet the climate goals of the Paris agreement, at least one in five light-duty cars worldwide need must to be all-electric by 2030.

The Biden administration’s goal is for half of all new car sales in the United States to be hybrid, electric or hydrogen-powered by 2030. The bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed in Congress in 2021 has $7.5 billion in it to start building thousands of charging stations across the country to prepare for the influx of planet-friendly vehicles.

Blattner is proud to be part of this clean energy transition alongside these inspiring industry leaders and innovators. A sustainable future, and a healthier planet, can’t start without a push toward electric and hybrid vehicles.

At Blattner, our commitment to sustainability intertwines with every project and initiative we are part of. As an industry leader in renewable energy, we believe in the ability and responsibility to leave a positive impact on our world.

Consumer interest in EVs will increase because of the exposure during the Super Bowl. While car companies don’t control demand, they are working toward building momentum for the public to start looking into EVs as a realistic option for their next vehicle purchase. But EVs are just the tip of the iceberg. Bringing attention about the need for more renewable energy to help power EVs is also a vital step toward making a sustainable future a reality.

These Super Bowl commercials certainly have a comedic twist to them, but we should all start making strides for a more sustainable future.

To view a couple of the clever EV-related ads that were released during Super Bowl LVI, just watch below!