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Community of Light Art Installation Renewable Energy Avon Minnesota

'Community of Light' Observes Blattner’s Renewable Energy Milestone.

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An industry milestone of 50,000 renewable energy megawatts is cause for Blattner Company to celebrate big with employees, clients and community members.

The town of Avon, Minnesota, is shining a bit brighter these days, thanks to a solar powered art display located at the town's trailhead of the Lake Wobegon Trail. The art display is a unique way to celebrate this industry milestone with community members, employees and clients who have been, and will continue to be, vital contributors to Blattner's leadership in the energy industry.

The art installation, titled 'Community of Light,' "depicts a cityscape of pillars in varied heights and dimensions, representing Blattner's position as a pillar in renewable energy,” explains Björgvin Sævarsson of Übergrün eco-art, the company that designed and installed the display. “The unique patterns of light from each pillar represent how we all use energy differently — whether light for our homes, charge for electric vehicles or power tools to create art — energy is an essential part of our lives.”

Community of Light features solar powered lights which illuminate designs within the pillars. The trailhead scene is a family-friendly display, perfect for kids of all ages. Visitors can view the art by driving to the Lake Wobegon Trailhead in Avon (take the Avon exit from Interstate 94 West and head north to meet the Wobegon Trail intersection). Parking, picnic tables, water stations and overhead cover is available at the trailhead. The display will be available through Sunday, May 30, 2021.

The art display concept was done by Gunnar Gapko and Jen Stiling; fabrication by Zach Schumack.