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Building Bright Futures: Blattner’s Partnership with the Readers to Leaders Program Inspires Hope and Literacy

At Blattner, we build great leaders by building great communities.

In 2023, we introduced a field leadership program to nurture new leaders within our organization. The training begins with a two-week session at our corporate headquarters in Avon, Minnesota, during which aspiring leaders gain insight into our organization’s heritage, values and operational ethos.

An integral aspect of the program is engaging with and contributing to the communities that we live and work in through volunteer opportunities. One such activity is the Readers to Leaders program at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Minnesota.

The Readers to Leaders program provides a place where our leaders in training can connect with children ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. It inspires pride in our employees to know the work that they are doing will impact future generations and it provides a special connection for the children.

“The simple act of reading together not only builds literacy for our young readers, but it also sparks imagination and conversation, builds confidence and helps promote a respectful, friendly connection between a trusted adult and a child,” said Stacy Fofana, academic success coordinator at the Boys & Girls Club. “It’s a special day when we have the Blattner teams here.”

The children sign up to read with a volunteer and select books at their reading level to either read to the volunteer or have read to them.

“Since COVID, literacy averages are down and unfortunately many of our kids are not at grade level,” Stacy said. “Reading with the volunteers is a great way for the children to learn and be motivated in a fun way.”

“It just makes my heart sing that Blattner does this because I see what it does for the kids and I see how the Blattner volunteers are inspired by it as well,” Stacy shared. “I’m very grateful that our program was selected to be part of this.”

The Blattner volunteers are grateful for the opportunity too.


Site Safety Manager Wesley McIntosh said, “This was a very fulfilling experience for me. Being able to connect with these kids through something that is beneficial for their future was such an amazing experience.”



Electrical Superintendent Toby Grider said the experience was a win-win all around. “Volunteering for the Readers to Leaders program was a great opportunity,” he said. “We all get so caught up with life that we forget the small stuff. This was a great experience for both sides. I’m so glad to be a part of this team.”



Site Safety Manager David Arredondo said, “The biggest reward I took away from this privilege was seeing the bright smiles that lit up their faces and knowing we had a positive impact and inspired these wonderful boys and girls. It will be a moment they will take with them for years to come.”



Electrical Superintendent Nicholas Seldomridge said, “It was a privilege, and I had an amazing time! I am so glad there are projects like the Boys & Girls Club. I think that being a good leader means more than the name suggests. Good leaders should also be good listeners too. I hope I impacted them as much as they impacted me!”

As we continue to invest in our leaders' growth and development, we remain dedicated to building communities where everyone can thrive. Together, we can inspire positive change and create a brighter future for future generations.

To learn more about the Boys & Girls Club of Central Minnesota, visit