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Blattner Company Reaches 50,000 Megawatt Clean Energy Milestone

Blattner Reaches 50,000 Renewable Energy Megawatts Industry Milestone.

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Avon, Minnesota Blattner, the leading installer and contractor of utility-scale renewable energy in North America, announced that it has reached an industry milestone of 50,000 renewable energy megawatts. A pioneer in the industry, Blattner has advanced renewable energy with its innovation, collaborative approach and delivery of certainty.

“Renewable energy is on the cusp of significant evolution,” states Scott Blattner, company president, “and we owe this industry milestone achievement to the strong partnerships we’ve developed with our clients and the hard work of our remarkable employees. It is our intent that Blattner continues to lead the renewable energy space with a continued commitment to certainty, relationships and positive community impact. Every project represents the collective efforts of our employees, clients, partners and communities that support our mission to enrich lives and build a better world for future generations.”

This achievement underscores Blattner’s commitment to build a clean, sustainable world powered by wind, solar and energy storage sources. To celebrate this significant achievement, the company kicked off a several months long campaign, What Powers Us, which includes: 

  • What Powers You? public forum and celebration video
  • Community education efforts, donating to K-12 schools where current projects reside
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – Lowry Ave bridge lighting on April 27, 2021
  • Avon, Minnesota – Art installation on Lake Wobegon Trail through May
  • St. Cloud, Minnesota – Contribution toward festoon light project in St. Cloud’s historic downtown

What is 50,000 Megawatts?

Industry Impact

Blattner’s leadership in renewable energy, and this significant industry milestone, is the result of years of investing in people: employees, clients and community partners. These collective efforts have generated: 

  • 457 projects in the U.S. (33 states) and Canada
  • 25,562 turbines
  • 31,787,748 solar modules
  • 1,311 T-Line miles

Preserving the Earth and its Natural Resources  

Renewable energy is procured from natural resources that are replenished in less than a human lifetime without depleting Earth’s resources or causing climate damage. These resources, such as wind and sunlight, are available nearly everywhere and are essentially inexhaustible. 

The ongoing use of renewable energy provides significant environmental and economic benefits: 

  • Generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reducing some types of air pollution
  • Diversifying energy supply and reducing dependence on imported fuels
  • Creating economic development and jobs in manufacturing, installation and more 

50,000 renewable energy megawatts are equivalent to:

  • Enough energy to power 14 million U.S. households
  • 21 million cars off the road
  • 51 billion gallons of water saved
  • 1 billion light bulbs powered 

*Calculations based on annual consumption. Source:

The Energy Era and Beyond

Research and trends support that the Energy Era is upon us, caused by a paradigm shift adopting more sustainable energy solutions such as energy storage. Mainstream consumers—residents and businesses—are aware of the long-term impact on climate and environmental health. 

Energy storage supports the need for more renewables and also the exponential growth in energy demand and inefficient grid systems. 

Blattner’s growth in renewables is evidence of increasing consumer demands and their leadership and innovation within the industry. The company has plans for the completion of the next 50,000 megawatts to take place in a quarter of the time it took to achieve its first 50,000 megawatts. This positive outlook is supported by the demand for renewable energy and the certainty Blattner delivers to its clients through every project.


About Blattner Company

Blattner is Leading America to a Clean Energy Future. With more than 115 years of construction experience, the company has played a vital role in building America’s critical infrastructure, ranging from railroads and highways to dams and mines. Since 1997, Blattner has focused on renewable energy solutions and is responsible for some of the most significant solar, wind, and storage projects in the U.S. Today, Blattner has installed more than 25% of America’s total solar and wind energy capacity. Blattner Company is the parent company of Blattner Energy and D.H. Blattner & Sons, of which all are members of the Quanta Services family of companies. Company headquarters are in Avon, Minnesota. Learn more at

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